The roleplayers were amazing: they were my client exactly. In fact, I forgot it was a roleplay and almost hung up after the first call. This is the most realistic training I've ever experienced. —Ahmed, Financial Services Representative
Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of professionals that help you convert learning content into realistic one-on-one practice conversations, creating well-honed skills for practical business success. We offer our services in several languages, across every time zone and for every level of your organization. Our team continues to grow, below are some of the players.


Meet The Team
Cam is the Co-President of Practica Learning Inc. and the Co-Founder of Anderson Sabourin Consulting Inc (ASCI). He is dedicated to identifying and improving his client's Return on Investment on training through sustainment and reinforcement. He focuses on telephone and live roleplay solutions along with comprehensive training programs in sales, coaching, customer service and leadership.
Randy is the Co-President of Practica Learning Inc. and the Co-Founder of Anderson Sabourin Consulting Inc (ASCI). He assists organizations in sustaining their learning and development investments through a combination of practice and behavioral awareness. His focus is on how individuals and teams perform under pressure.
VP of Learning and Operations
Jason joined Practica Learning in 2004 and is currently the Project and Learning Manager, as well as an active roleplayer, coach, trainer and course writer. He also worked for many years as a live theatre actor, with a particular focus on Shakespeare.
Senior Manager of Operations and Logistics
Brenda heads our Client Operations and has experience in investment management and marketing. Brenda lived in Taipei, Taiwan for 2 years working as an ESL teacher and learning coordinator. She has been a part of Practica Learning since 2013.
Director, Business Development & Senior Project Manager
Doug joins Practica Learning as project and learning manager. He brings 14 years experience as a consultant, learning leader, facilitator and instructional designer. Doug partners with clients and experts to design, develop and deliver roleplay-based sales, leadership, and risk management training. He earned his MBA (Financial Services) at Dalhousie University in 2004 and holds certificates in Leadership, Project Management and Adult Education.
Practica Learning Coach
Aviva has been with Practica Learning since 2004 as a roleplayer. She has been named one of Toronto’s Top Ten Theatre Artists and Best Producer of Works in Progress by NOW Magazine. She is also the founder and Artistic Director of The Lab Cab Festival.
Practica Learning Coach
Françoise is an Honours graduate from Ryerson Theatre School and has performed many theatre, film and television roles. She has been a bilingual roleplayer at Practica Learning for over a decade and is proud to be able to provide meaningful experiential coaching to participants.
Practica Learning Coach
Fiona Carver has been working with Practica Learning since its launch. She's passionate about helping people develop their skills and feels blessed to do so with such a reputable company. Fiona has also worked as an actor and is a real estate agent.
Practica Learning Coach
Bob has been part of the Practica Learning team since 2002 as a roleplayer, coach, learning designer and facilitator. He also has an on-going 30-year career as an actor in theatre, film and television.
Practica Learning Coach
Rebecca is a roleplayer, coach, course writer and orientation leader at Practica Learning. She brings a 20-year history in counselling, facilitation and teaching effective communication skills. Rebecca is an avid cyclist, cat lover and actor.
Elva Mai
Practica Learning Coach
Elva Mai has worked with Practica Learning since 2001. She is an actor, a voice specialist, a workshop leader and course designer, an E.S.L. instructor with a specialty in pronunciation, and a corporate trainer.
Practica Learning Coach
Marcia Johnson was hired as a roleplayer in 2000. The flexibility and creativity of the work make it the longest "day job" she has ever had. Outside Practica Learning, Marcia is an actor, playwright and librettist. She also works as an acting coach and playwriting teacher.
Practica Learning Coach
Pam Johnson has been with Practica Learning for 10 years. She also is a certified Life Coach and a yoga instructor. Pam offers a creative approach to helping others live their most meaningful life.
Practica Learning Coach
Geoff has been a member of the Practica Learning team since 2004. Outside of Practica Learning, Geoff continues to pursue an acting career. He also blends his love of acting and coaching in his work as a private acting teacher.
Practica Learning Coach
Laura Kyswaty has been with Practica Learning since 2000 and works as a course writer, trainer and coach. She achieved her BFA at York University and also graduated from the Second City Conservatory Program. Laura moonlights at international film festivals, including TIFF and Sundance.
Practica Learning Coach
Amélie has been a bilingual coach, roleplayer and trainer with Practica Learning since 2001. She facilitates better conversations in business relationships by providing effective communication tools. Amélie is also a singer-songwriter.
Practica Learning Coach
Carolyne has been working for Practica Learning since 2004. She notes that "It's a wonderful environment to work in and it's great to see that the coaching we do matters to our clients." Carolyne is also an actress and has been working in TV, film and theatre for over 15 years.
Practica Learning Coach
Elizabeth has been a coach with Practica Learning since 2004. She is also an actor, costume designer, writer, copyeditor, landlord and entrepreneur.
Practica Learning Coach
Jane enjoys her work with Practica Learning, particularly when a participant shares the positive impact her coaching has had on them. When not at Practica Learning, Jane continues her pursuits as an actor, singer and composer.
Practica Learning Coach
Melina has worked at Practica Learning for 10 years as a bilingual trainer, coach and roleplayer. She leverages her adult education training to build trust and credibility with participants. When not coaching, Melina performs across Canada in a play about Brain Injury, with the hope of bringing awareness to the challenges survivors face.
Practica Learning Coach
Jacqueline joined Practica Learning in 2014. Outside of Practica Learning, she is pursuing a career in theatre and teaches piano in her spare time.
Practica Learning Coach
As a graduate of the BFA Theatre Program, University of Windsor, and the Adult Learning Teaching and Training Program, George Brown College, Mark combines his love of acting and experiential learning in his work at Practica Learning. He is also a member of Ruckus Ensemble.
Practica Learning Coach
Julie Reitzel has been with Practica Learning since it began in 2000, and currently works as a course writer and trainer. Her background in improvisational theatre (Commedia dell'Arte) has provided her with a solid foundation for the work she now does designing training solutions which focus on the communication skills necessary for success in business.
Practica Learning Coach
Stephen started working as a coach at Practica Learning in 2001. He has learned much from helping others learn. He is a much in demand actor, working on stages and sets across Canada.
Vincent de
Practica Learning Coach
Musical theatre writer and director Vincent de Tourdonnet’s historical musicals have been produced across Canada, including Pélagie at CanStage/NAC. Having worked with Practica Learning since 2008, Vincent also facilitates across Canada in both French and English.
Practica Learning Coach
Michael has been a bilingual roleplayer at Practica Learning since 2002. Michael really enjoys helping learners overcome anxiety and find value in deliberate practice. He has worked as a singer and actor for over 25 years. Michael has also taught First Aid and CPR for nearly 30 years.
Samantha is Practica Learning's bookkeeper. Samantha earned her Bachelor of Business in Australia, at the Queensland University of Technology, where she graduated with Distinction. She has been working with small businesses for over ten years and joins Practica Learning to take care of the day-to-day finances.
To learn more about us and how we can help your employees become more effective communicators through deliberate, experiential practice, please contact us.
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